Ransomware & Malware Prevention

Malware attacks, including Ransomware, have required companies to reassess their IT security approach. No longer is anti-virus protection alone enough to protect a company and its data. Today, all a cyber-terrorist has to do is gain access to one system on the client’s network and then the Ransomware “payload” can spread to key assets, bringing down an entire company and impacting the company’s data. Traditional defenses and security analytics often identify a problem after the intruder has caused harm interrupting an enterprise for days and affecting client productivity and causing data loss.

Companies need to be able to detect malware with certainty and respond before the attack can cause damage. NTi has developed a complete strategy against Ransomware and other forms of Malware that addresses attacks from multiple angles that include; education, early detection and prevention, active monitoring, and back-ups to provide a complete package  ensuring optimal up-time and avoiding data loss.

Service Includes

  • Proactive Threat Detection

  • Patch Management

  • Ransomware Safe Storage Solutions

  • DNS-Layer Protection

  • Threat Remediation Support

  • User Education

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