Never has there been a time where most of the US population has had to work at home, but we find ourselves here and luckily in today’s world of technology, we can make this happen easily!

If your company is allowing employees to work from home, we are here to assist! There are many elements that go into setting up a home office, depending on the needs of the employee. We have provided some useful information below about what is needed to work from home, but please feel free to reach out to us so can help make the transition as smooth as possible.


First, you will need a high speed internet connection. This can be the your current home network or, if you do not have a home network, a cellular WiFi Hotspot is also an option and can be purchased through any mobile carrier. Please note that a WiFi Hotspot will only work with WiFi capable devices.


Second, you will need a workstation. This can be your personal desktop computer, laptop, or even tablet (depending on how you will be working and connecting to the office). If you do not have a workstation at home and your employer has approved you using a company owned workstation, you are able to take your current office setup home.
It is important to know – if you take your office workstation home, you will need to make sure all required peripherals are taken home. At minimum, this would include the computer tower, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Also, all required cables will need to be taken home. At minimum, this would include the power cord, display cord, ethernet cord and, if the keyboard and mouse are wireless, the wireless dongle.


Office Phone
An important, but not required item is your office phone. Most office phones today use internet, but not all can work outside the office. If your phone system is with VTi Communications, there are a few options for having your work phone at home.

If your phone system is not with VTi Communications, we recommend contacting your phone provider to find out how you can use your office phone from home. For more information, please call 770-998-4545 or email and place a ticket and a representative will be in touch to discuss what options are available to you.  **Please note due to a high volume of calls, all tickets placed for requesting more information will be set to standard priority.

If your phone system is not with VTi Communications, we recommend calling your phone vendor and seeing what your options are for taking your office phone home.


Additional Items

Most devices that are plugged directly into your workstation at the office are capable of being used at home. If you are going to take a device home to use on your personal computer, you will need to make sure any needed software is installed. If you are taking your office workstation home and the device already is plugged into it, nothing will need to be installed. Examples of devices are scanners, webcams, speakers, etc.

Lastly, once you are home and all setup, you may need to work with us in getting a remote connection to your office network, depending on how the company is setup and how you perform your tasks on a daily basis.


We know this is a very stressful time with many unknowns, but we are here to help, so please do not hesitate to call us or email us with questions!

Contact the helpdesk at 678-990-5312, opt. 1 or